Monday, August 10, 2015

Jayaruh #16 Begins

My TSD friend Ed made this wonderful brush. I really like it and decided that I will make one similar to it.

Project begun August 8.

I started with a chunk of wood from our wild cherry tree. It will have an irregular shape to it.

Cut from  wild cherry block.

Hole location marked.

Drilled out hole.

Update: August 10
Smoothed the outside and tapered the top to the hole.

Update August 16

Update August 21

I polyurethaned the handle. Here it is dry fitted with a pure badger knot. The permanent knot is yet to be determined.

Update: September 13

The knot is a 21x70mm pure badger. I set it with a 54mm loft using silicone.  I did a test lather with Razorock P.160. 

Nice bloom after the first lather.


  1. Hey Jim, have you ever made any handles out of reclaimed wood? I have two nephews who have started building furniture and fire place mantles out of 100 year old reclaimed lumber. I thought about asking them if they get board to make me a brush handle out of some of their scraps. I am not sure if by they time they lathe the wood down would look any different new stock. Not sure if it would be worth it. Any thoughts?

    I enjoy seeing your work.

    1. Thanks, Jon. This is about as reclaimed as it gets for me. You may get some interesting grain patterns out of some reclaimed wood. It all depends. If you know the history or story of the wood it would add to the mystic of the handle.
      What is your TSD handle? I am having a senior moment.

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