Monday, August 10, 2015

Proposed Trade is On: Black Tip for SOC Boar Brush

One of the members on TSD contacted me about a proposed trade. I had mentioned in a thread that I would like to get a Semogue Owners Club boar brush. I told him that he could look at my inventory and see if he saw anything that interested him. He picked out the Gillette Black Tip razor that was not marked as a favorite. I sent him a picture of it and he sent the pictures below which included an Omega Midget Boar. It looks like we may be making a trade.

Omega Midget Boar

 Semogue Owners Club boar 

Gillette Black Tip Super Speed
Packed and ready to go.
The wait is over. Both packages arrived in just two day. Here is what Ed sent.

The package was chock full of goodies.

Two brushes, an assortment of wood blocks, and a sample of soap.
The wood is Spatled Maple, Red Oak, Apple, and Koa.

Thanks, Ed. Good trade.

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