Soaps and Creams

The Three T's: 

Geo F. Trumper's - Exquisite shaving soap, shaving cream, skin food and cologne from the famed Geo. F. Trumper of London. West Coast Shaving is proud to be an official stockist of Geo F. Trumper, considered by many to be the finest in the world.

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Established in 1854, during the reign of Queen Victoria, Taylor of Old Bond Street offers a range of Luxury Shaving Products for the perfect shaving experience. Their famous Shaving Creams and Soaps to generate a rich lather.

Truefitt and Hill - Truefitt and Hill is the official shaving line of the English Royal Family. Their shaving cream features a fine blend of high quality ingredients and maintains the same time-tested formulas and methods since 1805. The shave creams are glycerin based which provide a super slick buffer between the razor and your skin.

Current Soaps and Creams

Tim sent money for my birthday (2017), and I got some new soaps. I got Fine Snake Bite with a Fine bowl and Musgo Real classic scent shaving soap.

I received this Cremo Cream Shave Cream in a trade with a fellow TSDer. It is non foaming, but it seems to be a nice cream. I may use it in conjunction with Williams or Colgate.

I got this puck of  vintage Colgate Mug Shave Soap from a guy on TOST.

I ordered Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap with money from Father's Day from Tim and Phil.
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap with Ceramic Dish
Mitchell's Wool Fat soaps were first produced in the early 1930's by Bradford chemist Fred Mitchell who realized that the natural lanolin content of wool fat, which kept the hands of local sheep shearers and wool sorters so exceptionally soft, could also be beneficial to delicate complexions and sensitive skins. Mitchell's Wool Fat Soaps are still made to Mr. Mitchell's original formula, based on a recipe from the turn of the century and incorporating lanolin from the wool fat as the key ingredient. The soaps are a simple and natural product with a delicate scent and are very popular among avid wet shavers. Purchased June 15, 2014. I traded the soap for a Schick Krona DE razor. I later got MWF back in a trade for my straight razor. It arrived February 26, and I shaved with it on February 27. I'm happy again.

This is Tabac Original Shaving Soap. It is a men's fragrance that possesses
a blend of lavender, citrus, and warm florals. It is made in Germany. I got
it in a PIF on The Shave Den, March 31, 2014.

This is C.O. Bigelow. I got it in a PIF off of The Shave Den on March 19, 2014.
It is sold in Bath and Body Works and is made by Proraso. Replaced with big
tube on November 24, 2014.

This is Col. Conk Amber Shave Soap. I put it in a push-up deodorant
container. I got the soap on December 30, 2013, but I won't be using it
until January 4. I am looking forward to that shave. This original formula
AMBER soap is a glycerin rich soap infused with avocado oil and Vitamin E.

Col. Ichabod Conk Bay Rum Glycerine Shave Soap.  Fresh and
fragrant with a tropical aroma of bay leaves and Jamaican rum,
this soap works wonderfully with a shaving brush just like the
good old days. Perfect for the man who appreciates the finer
things in life. Purchased June 17, 2012.

Col. Conk Lime Glycerine Shave Soap.  Fresh and fragrant with
a lime aroma, this soap works wonderfully with a shaving brush
 just like the good old days. Perfect for the man who appreciates
the finer things in life. Purchased October 14, 2012.

A century-old tradition, the Cella Crema da Barba all'olio di Mandorla
(Almond oil shaving cream) is still made by hand with the purest natural
ingredients and cured in special vats, using a technique that has been
handed down for generations. With an amazingly crisp almond fragrance
this TALLOW-based soft soap (somewhat like the consistency of putty)
creates a fantastic lather in seconds. Wet the beard with warm water,
apply the wet shaving brush to the soap, lather up in the bowl and apply
to the face. Extremely mild and soothing. Considered by many the most
exclusive and luxurious Italian shaving soap. Purchased November 4, 2013.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Lavender Shaving Cream. To the truly
discerning gentleman, nothing surpasses the superior floral perfume
of English Lavender, freshly picked at its peak from Norfolk
Lavender, England's Lavender Farm, or the relaxing and soothing
effect it imparts. Purchased June 22, 2013.

Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soap is a hypoallergenic
soap that contains moisturizers, including aloe vera and
shea butter to help maintain the skin's natural moisture.
With a luxurious feel, this soap soothes sensitive skin
that is irritated from razor burn.

Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Soap is hypo-allergenic and
 produced in small batches using their unique kettle process.
 Each shave soap contains over 10% Glycerin as well as
emollient Shea, Mango & Cocoa Butter to help soften the
beard and improve razor glide for a close, comfortable shave
that leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.
 Purchased October 8, 2012.

Williams Mug Shaving Soap, for a lasting lather
that does not dry on your face, but leaves skin soft
and smooth. Williams is famous for its lather.
March 9, 2013.

Proraso Green Shaving Soap. A glycerin based cream,
enhanced with oils of coconut, eucalyptus and menthol,
Proraso Shaving Cream Soap instantly provides an
invigorating cooling sensation that both soothes and
protects your skin and will really “wake you up” in the
morning. Purchased April 30, 2012.

Kiss My Face Cool Mint moisture shave is a moisturizing
formula with highly effective natural essential oils, extracts
and vitamins for the best shave ever!
Purchased October 15, 2013.
I got this from Turkey. It is a cheap but good shaving cream.
Purchased September 25, 2014.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Grapefruit. Purchased
October 21, 2014.

Arko, from Turkey. I got two and pressed one into this old 
deodorant container. A soap known for its great lather and 
unusual scent.  Purchased 10/23/14

Taylor of Old Bond Street St James collection.
Won in PIF, 4/29/15.

PIF from David of Central Florida on TSD.
June 2015
Fathers Day 2015
Col Conk Almond, 9/14/2015
I had a puck of CC Bay Rum and exchanged it for the Almond at Mast General.
Saponificio Varesino Felce (Fern) Aromatica Shave Soap (sample piffed from Redrock) August 10, 2015.

My current list of soaps and creams along with their cost.

Retired soaps and creams

Cremo Shave Cream is a super-slick, nick-free, smooth-skin foam-less 
shave cream. Purchased April 26, 2014. 
I PIFed this cream. I prefer my soaps to lather.

Proraso Sandalwood Shaving Cream.
Purchased June 28, 2013 (Traded for MMBT)
Musgo Real Shave Cream
Musgo Real was my first fancy shave cream. It had a very pleasant scent and did the job well. I used it all up and have moved on to less expensive soaps and creams afterwards.

For years before taking up wet shaving seriously, I used Edge shaving gel. It provided a quick lather that protected well in conjunction with multi-blade cartridges. I have left the canned goo/lathers behind.

Home-made Labels

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