These are my favorite razors: two modern and eight vintage.

Two modern razors: Merkur 37c and Edwin Jagger 89L.
Merkur 37c

Edwin Jagger 89

Four vintage single edged razors:  Gem Micromatic Bullet Tip, Gem Micromatic Clog-pruf, Schick M Adjustable, and the Schick Eversharp I1 Hydro-magic.
Gem Micromatic Bullet Tip (1947)

Gem Micromatic Clog-pruf (1941)

Schick  M Adjustable

Eversharp Schick I1 Hydro-magic

Five vintage Gillette favorites:  '60 Gillette 195 (Fatboy),  '62 Gillette Slim Adjustable, '47 Super Speed, Fat-handled Tech, and Gillette NEW.
1960 Gillette 195 (Fatboy)

1962 Gillette Slim Adjustable

1947 Gillette Super Speed (birth year)

Gillette Fat-handled Tech

Gillette NEW
One vintage Schick Krona Double Edge.

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