My Birth Year Razors 1947

It is a neat, cool thing to shave with a razor from your birth year. Here are some from the year 1947.

This is a Rolls Razor, made in England. The blade is not in a shavable condition.  It is not a safety razor. It is basically a straight razor on a handle. It was made to be stropped before and after each shave. Then, about every 5 months or so it was supposed to be honed on the stone side.

1947 Gillette Super Speed

This is my 1947 Gillette Super Speed. It was the first new model after WWII. The center bar was un-notched. That is the only way to differentiate it from later 40's models. It is a great shaver.

1947 Gillette Aristocrat

This is a 1947 Gillette Aristocrat. Like the Super Speed, the center bar is un-notched. This was my first vintage acquisition. I did not know what I had at the time. I gave it to my son, Philip, to encourage him to start traditional shaving, but it was not for him at the time. This is also a great shaving razor.

Un-notched center bar.

Below are some period ads for the Aristocrat. (courtesy of Razor Archive)

1947 GEM Micromatic Bullet Tip 

This is the GEM Micromatic Bullet Tip. It was introduced in 1947. I have no idea whether mine is an actual 1947 manufacture, but it is a 1947 model. It is among my favorites and a great shaver.