Double-Edged Shaving

Gillette Fission w/Light
I began shaving at about age 16. Back then I used a Schick injector blade. I continued with the Shick injector razor through high school, the army, and into college. When the twin blade razors came out, I started using them. Then, when the three blade (Mach3) came out, I used them. I tried the Quatro but went back to the Mach3. When the Fusion blades (6 blades) came on the scene, I eventually broke down and tried them. I ended up taking them back. Blades were getting too expensive for the return on the dollar.  Where will it all end? I even saw a prototype of the new Gillette Fission with 27 blades.

So, in June of 2011, I decided to go retro. I went back to my father's blade, the double-edged razor. I went on line and purchased a Parker DE razor with 10 Shark Chrome Blades, a stainless shaving bowl, a badger hair brush, and a tube of Musgo Real Shave Cream. This initial setup is thanks to a gift card I got for Fathers Day. Thanks, guys!

I watched some videos on the web about how to make a good lather with a bowl and brush, and I was off. My blades last me about a month, and I could probably use them a little longer if I wished. I have learned that if I turn them over I can get extra days. So, a blade that costs me about 20 cents each lasts longer and gets more shaves that the newer multi blades, and these newer blades are about $4 each.

I started using Van Der Hagen Shave Soap that I found at Walmart for about $1.79. I can easily work up a good lather with it in my bowl. It keeps your skin soft and never dries, provides a close shave, and has a great but faint smell! It lasts me about 3 months or so. It is fun to shave with my Parker DE razor.

I have a shaving ritual now that leaves my face smooth and clean. I wash my face, make my lather, lather up, and shave.  I then rinse, lather again and hit the tough spots one more time. I learned that it is best to think of shaving as beard reduction. Don't try to do it all at once. It usually takes me about ten minutes to get a good shave. Since I switched back to DE shaving ten months ago, I have nicked myself only about three times.

Just last week, I was finishing up my last blade of my original 10. I went online and ordered 50 more for $10.97.  I figure that should do me for the next five years or so.  I noticed that a 6 pack of Fusion blades was $20.99.  Lucky if that would last 6 months.

At the same time, I ordered a tub of Proraso Shave Soap. It lathers up great and makes for a smooth shave and leaves a nice clean scent.

I do not anticipate ever going back to the multi-blade razors again. I love DE shaving. Shaving is now a pleasure and an indulgence, and it saves a ton of money.

March 9, 2014

I currently am doing an ten day shaving rotation based on ten soaps and creams. Each day I rotate through three brushes and stick to one razor through out the ten days. I am currently using the 1947Gillette Super Speed. It is my birth year razor.

Here are some of my favorite double-edged razors.

Edwin Jagger 89bl

Gillette New short comb

Gillette Super Speed

Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip 
Gillette Tech Fat Handle

Gillette Slim
Gillette 195 (Fatboy), 1960
Merkur 37c Slant

Gillette Super Speed, 1947, Birth Year

Gillette NEW LC made in England.
Gillette 20s Old Type
Merkur 15c

Schick Krona

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