After the Shave

I begin my after the shave time with a cold water rinse followed by wiping my Osma Alum Block over my face and letting it air dry while I brush my teeth and clean and dry my razor. The alum block closes up any weepers that I may have created and closes my pores.

I apply witch hazel next and let it dry while I finish the clean up and dry the sink.

Lastly, I will apply an after shave.


I put the witch hazels and after shaves in small spray bottles, and it makes them last longer. Plus, they travel very easily.

New to the lineup is Dove Men+Care Post Shave Balm.

Just arrived in the mail today, Florida Water, from a gentleman in South Florida. He said, "It pours out fast." He was right. I got a 2 oz. spray bottle and printed a label for it. That should slow it down a bit.

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