Bowls and Mugs

I do not bowl lather anymore since I discovered the economy and benefits of face lathering. Most of the bowls and mugs on this page are no longer used for lathering but for storage.

My VDH apothecary mug holds VDH Luxury soap, and
use it to load my brush.

This is my only Old Spice mug. It was given to me by a
gentleman on TSD. It holds my VDH Deluxe, and I use
it to load my brush.

This is Grandpa Lowe's shaving mug. It holds Williams, 
and I use it for loading my brush.

I got this little bowl and used it for holding VDH
Deluxe. I still have it but no longer use it.

I used the green glass bowl for a long time when I bowl 
lathered. The knobs on the bowl made it easier to hold.

This green glass bowl holds stuff now.

I received this one in a pif after I gave up bowl lathering. 
It is great for holding stuff.

I made this scuttle with a stainless doggy bowl and
a soup bowl I found at the Goodwill Store. It is used   
for storage now as well.

This stainless steel bowl is one I purchased at the 
beginning of my return to wet shaving. I piffed it.

If it is not holding some soap, then it is holding stuff. So, these have been relegated to storage duty for the time being. They may be piffed at some point. Time will tell. I don't anticipate returning to bowl lathering any time in the future.

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