Saturday, August 8, 2015

Proposed Trade is On: Schick E-2 for Gem 1912

I was reading an entry on TSD about his desire to have a Schick E type. He said:
  • You know....I am 'E'less......anybody got an E-type they might be willing to trade for something....I've got a nice Feather Weight or HFT (G-bar) or a replated GEM1912 short travel type , that I'd be willing to trade for a nice Schick E-type......

Well, I wrote him and we got to talking, and I offered my Schick E2 for his Gem 1912. The trade is on. 

Packed and ready to go.
Now we wait.

The Schick made it to Washington in just two days. Lloyd posted these pictures on TSD.

He wrote:

  • This is the injector that I've been looking for. I does give the ER 1914, GEM OCMM, and ER 1924 a run for their money....I'll need a little more bonding time, but if my first impressions are accurate.....This may be my new "rave-fave"...

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