Friday, July 24, 2015

Jayaruh #15 Handle Begins

I cut a piece 2 1/4 inch long from my handle stock. Using a compass, I scribed a circle on the top and bottom, and then sanded the corners off down to the line. I drew some reference lines and whittled out the middle. The top was tapered in. To make the knot hole, I used a compass and drew a circle as a guide. I drilled out the middle using the Dremel. After connecting all the holes, I used the drum sander and smoothed out and enlarged the hole to about 20 mm diameter.

Octagonal piece

Rounded out

Cut out the middle with a knife

Smoothed out with sandpaper

Top is tapered

Bottom rounded and hole started

Hole finished off

Handle smoothed out

Adorned with a beauty ring and branded. First coat of poly.

Dry fitted with a pure badger knot for looks. Not the real knot for this handle.

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