Friday, July 17, 2015

Two Black Badger Knots Arrive

The two black badger knots arrived today from Whipped Dog. Enclosed were two packets of Oxiclean and directions for defunking the knots. 

The first thing I did was to put the knots in the #12 and #13 handles.

I think the black badger makes a great contrast with the wood grain handles.

I disolved the OxiClean in water and soaked the two knots for about two minutes. I rinsed the knots and then shampooed them with C.O. Bigelow Body and Hair Wash.

After three rinses, I squeezed the knots and then brushed them on a towel. I set them aside to dry. We shall see what kind of bloom we get out of them.

Update: July 18
I glued the knots in the handles wit GE Silicone II. I will give it 24 hours before I take off the plastic. I will then give them the next week to rest. The will go into service on July 27.

Update: July 19
After 24 hours, I took the cellophane off the brushes. I will be putting these two in rotation on the 27th. In the mean time I will do a couple of test latherings with them.

Update: July 21
Test lather with Proraso Green.

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