Monday, July 13, 2015

Jayaruh #13: The Chubby

No Buy July continues, so I am coping by making some handles. Today, I started #13, "The Chubby." I had cut some stock into a hexagon shape before, so today I just had to cut off a section 2 1/4 inch long. I used a compass and drew a circle on each end and sanded it down to a cylinder shape. I then used my trusty Swiss Army knife to get the initial shape. I then sanded and smoothed. I created a knot hole with my Dremel method. More smoothing with 220 grit sand paper, and I called it a day. Here are the pictures.

I am thinking that I will get a 24mm silver tip for it. The hole right now is undersized (22mm). I like to get the knot and then open the hole to fit the knot.

I stained and sealed it with Minwax Golden Oak.

Second coat of polyurethane

Branded with JR13

JR#13 at its new home in Colorado.
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