Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Three Jayaruhs Waiting on Knots

I have completed three brush handles this month. They are all unique. From left to right are:

  • Jayaruh #11 - This one is a simple design that is finished with just polyurethane.
  • Jayaruh #12 - A gentleman on TSD inspired this design. It is squarish and has a great feel. It was finished with Golden Pecan stain and then polyurethane.
  • Jayaruh #13 - I call this "The Chubby." It is stained with Golden Oak and finished off with polyurethane.
I have two black badger knots on the way. I ordered them when I only had two brush handles. Then, I made the #13. Now, I will have to decide which two will get the new knots. This is No Buy July, so it will be August before I get any more knots. I really like making these brushes and putting knots in them. Four of the brushes I made have new owners now. 

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