Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lathering with Williams

A friend from TSD wrote me and said that he noticed that I used Williams. He said:

I noticed in your SOTD you use Williams? How on earth do you get that thing to work? It was my first soap and I could never get any lather out of it. Ended up using it as hand soap.

I wrote back and gave him my method.

It is a hard soap, and I just load for 30 seconds. I do the same thing for all my hard soaps, and it works fine. I soak my brush while I wash my face and then give it a gentle squeeze.

Start with a dry puck

 I then load it for 30 seconds. I then go straight to the face.
After 30 seconds of loading

I swirl and pump building the lather on my face.
First face lather
  I end up with enough on the brush to do a second pass and touch ups if necessary.
Second face lather

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