Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jayaruh #12 Brush Handle

Redrock at TSD inspired this handle. I didn't take pictures from the beginning, but I started with a square blank. After I got the basic shape, I found the center and drilled out most of it (first picture). In the second picture, I have removed most of the wood between the holes with my Dremel. In the third picture, I have made the hole bigger and smooth with my Dremel drum sander. I make it big enough for a nickel. When my knot arrives, I will adjust it to fit. In the other pictures, I am just showing it off. I have sanded it and smoothed it out. I think I am about ready to finish it. I have two black pure badger knots coming. One is going into #11, and I think I will put the other in this one.

UPDATE: July 9, 2015
I finished shaping the handle and deepened the hole a bit. I stained and sealed it with Minwax Golden Pecan.

I have put a coat of polyurethane on the handle, and it is now drying.

UPDATE: July 10, 2015

I inscribed JR12 on the bottom of the handle and gave it a second coat of polyurethane. I also got an update on the knot order. Its estimated date of delivery is Monday, July 13. We shall see...

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