Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Scales for the Dubl Duck

My Dubl Duck was in need of a set of new scales, so I ordered some from Maggard Razors. The came in earlier this week, and today, I decided to put them on. They came with the wedge end already pinned.

I didn't take pictures of all the steps, but in the picture above, I had removed the old scales, shortened the new scales by about a quarter of an inch, and drilled the pivot hole. I was getting ready to pin it. I put pivot washers between the tang and the scales and inserted the pin.

In the above picture, I have peened the pivot pin . I decided I would do the middle pin which is for spacing. I saved the little spacer for that purpose.

In these last two pictures, I have completed the scales. The center spacer is peened, and the pivot pin is sufficiently tight to hold the blade up.

 I am all done. I have put it back in my 7-day case. I think this one is up next for a shave on the first Saturday in June.

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