Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jayaruh #171 Begun

In my mind I started out to make a hybrid brush handle using an Omega 98 top to go onto my homemade handle. After I made the handle, I decided to make a contrasting ferrule for the handle and do the hybrid brush after the Omega 98 arrives. So, here is how it proceeded.

I started with a block of pine.

Using an Omega 98 handle as a pattern, I made this.

I made it so the Omega 98 top should have just
popped on the top with little modification.

After I made it, I decided to make a contrasting ferrule for this handle.

Here it is dry fitted.

I glued it to the handle and clamped it to dry.

I stained the ferrule with dark walnut and the handle with golden pecan.
I branded it with JR 171 and then began finishing it with spray polyurethane.

After three coats of polyurethane, I dry fitted this 24mm Black & White Maggard Synthetic knot. I will set it with silicone tomorrow.

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