Monday, February 6, 2017

Vintage Blades

My old friend, Mort, brought me two packs of some vintage blades: Twinplex Perfect Edge Blades and Wade & Butcher Cleverly Curved Blades.

I had seen vintage Twinplex Stroppers, but this is the first time I have seen any Twinplex Blades. They are made in Switzerland.

The blades are individually wrapped twice.

The strings of a rare old violin and the sensitive edges of a fine razor are affected alike by the temperature. To give their best one must be tuned. The other stropped before using. This blade will shave with marvelous smoothness for many more shaves if stropped regularly on a Twinplex stropper.

The Wade & Butcher blades look like original Gillette three hole blades except that they are curved.

Fit all safety razors in which the blade has to be curved. The blades you have been waiting for -- for your razor. Highest grade steel -- three times as thick -- assuring durability, temper, hardness and keenness. Curved -- They won't crack when clamped.

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