Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jayaruh #144 Begins

February 18, 2017

I traded my Jayaruh #92 for restoring and honing my H. Böker straight razor. I loved that brush, but fortunately, I can make another. So, I did.

Jayaruh #92
Here are pictures of the process of making JR#144.

I marked the marked the sections as a guide.

I worked on the bottom part first.

I created cutouts in the top part.

I drilled out holes for the birch inlays.

I glued in the birch inlays and then sanded them flush.
(2/19/17)  My youngest son called and asked us to meet him and his family at the Krispy Kreme. I was finishing up, so I put away my tools and stuck the handle in my pocket and took it with me. The pictures below are taken at the Krispy Kreme. I have to do some more sanding before finishing it with polyurethane and setting a new knot. It took me about two hours to get the handle to this point.


After two coats of polycrylic, I decided to set a finest badger in this handle (2/21/17). These pictures are before the first lathering.

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