Friday, February 17, 2017

Drygulch 3-Inch Strop

Adam, the owner of Drygulch Leatherworks on Esty, sent me a straight razor loaner set consisting of two straights and a very nice 3 inch strop. After getting hooked on straights, I sought advice from him about getting a strop, and I asked if he would be interested in selling me the strop from the loaner set. We agreed on a price, and I am now the happy owner of a Drygulch 3-inch strop. I asked him for information on the strop, and this is what he sent me.

The leather on that is Chromexcel Horsehide. It is tanned in Chicago by the Horween tannery. I think I am the only company making a strop from it. The hemp linen webbing is made in Europe. The stropping surface on the strop is 18x3 inches. You should also be able to put some paste on the back of the leather rather than getting a strop just for paste. Both the leather and linen on that strop are well broken in, and should have many more years in them. 

Straight razor loaner set from Adam at Drygulch Leatherworks.

 The leather is Chromexcel Horsehide. The hemp linen webbing is made in Europe. 

Now, I am waiting on my H. Böker 5/8 straight to come home from California where it went for a restoration and honing.

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