Monday, February 27, 2017

A Milord it is Not

This razor was described as "Vintage Gillette Safety Razor For Parts Pat. 1920 Milord." It is not a Milord. They were not in production until 1940 and they were first a safety bar version of the Sheraton. 

This is a ball end NEW. It is in pretty rough condition. NEWs were first in production in 1930 and are great shavers. The tube from the handle is cracked almost all the way across the length.  I got it for the parts. I think that the head may clean up nicely. I wanted the two ends of the handle because I want to make a wooden handle and put them on each end.

Screen shot of the eBay listing.

The thread end seems to be stuck to the head. I hope to unstick it.

I am hoping that this head will clean up and polish well.
These are great shavers.

The tube is a total loss.

I am hoping to make a wooden handle and use the two ends on it.

I am looking at much potential here.

This is scheduled for delivery on March 1. I will post pictures then. I will also take pictures as I clean it and make the new handle.

Arrived a day early: February 28

Here it is right out of the box.

I am not going to do anything with the tube right now, maybe never. Here are the parts after a soak in hot water and Dawn and some cleaning with a toothbrush. 

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