Friday, May 29, 2015

Silver Tip Knot Arrives

After 9 days, the silver tip badger knot finally arrives. The 24mm knot, OxiClean Stain Remover, instructions for Odor Removal, and Larry's card.

The first thing I did was a dry fit in the Bethelem Olivewood handle.

I added an nickel and dry fitted again. I think I like this loft a little better. I may go with the nickel in the bottom when I get ready to glue it in.

Larry sent along some OxiClean for defunking. I decided to go ahead and defunk before setting the knot. Here it is soaking. 

Starting to bloom nicely. Still damp.

Damp dry fit.
May 30, 2015

I got the knot glued in. I used a nickel to raise the loft to about 50mm. I will let it sit a day and use it for my Sunday shave. I will also be using a sample of Soap Commander Synergy Shave Soap that was given to me by Ray from MA.

Pre and Post Bloom
June 1, 2015

Side and top views


  1. What ever happened to the handle. Kept it, traded or sold it ?

    1. I still have it. It doesn't get much use though. I was using it for my Sunday shave, but I have gotten out of the habit.