Friday, May 22, 2015

1953 Gillette President

Yesterday, I ran across this razor in a local lost treasure shop. This was the only razor he had, and I tried to hide my excitement. It was beautiful. I checked the date. It is a Y1, 1953, but I did not know exactly what it was. The guy wanted $40 for it, but I am on a shave gear sabbatical.   I went home and looked it up on the Internet. I discovered that it was a President, and this razor is from the first quarter of the first year of its two year run. I also saw where one went for $520 at auction in 2012. So, I made an exception for my sabbatical. Today, with SWMBO's blessing, I went back. He did give me a veteran's discount, so I got it for $36 plus tax. What a great deal! No auction for this one.

The first four pictures are of the razor the way I found it. After them are pictures of the razor after the initial clean up. This razor was made for about two years. The handle is rhodium plated, and the top is nickel. This razor is very clean. The case shows some wear, but heck, it is 62 years old. I am very happy with this find. 

Jayaruh #6 High Mountain Badger and Gillette President

These pictures are after a clean up. It looks like it has never been used.

I am thinking of making this beauty my Sunday driver. This will be this Sunday's Inaugural Shave.

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