Saturday, April 8, 2017

Seven Day Case Begins

Beautiful day today. I have been thinking about a seven day case for my straights, and today was a great day to work on it. I used scrap wood that I had left over from various projects.

The first picture is the bottom of the box with dividers fitted. They are still a bit tight, but I am going to sand down one end to make them fit for the final fitting.

Here I have attached the lid with two brass hinges. The dividers are still not attached.

I decided to stain the case with dark walnut.

I am leaving the dividers a natural color for a contrast. I shall let the case dry for now. I may put another application of stain on it before the final finish. I will also get a clasp for the front.

April 9, 2017

Polycrylic: first coat.

 I lined the case with red felt.

April 10 Update

I put a latch on the front.
I have three straights. Just four more to fill up my seven day set.

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