Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gem Lather Catcher

Here it is, the 1902 Gem Lather Catcher. The case is well worn on the outside, but the razor itself is in very good shape.  

There are seven original Gem Junior blades with the set. Also in the set is an attachment you can use to strop the blades on your own strop.

Here is the razor with an extension to the handle. The whole razor is very light.

Here is the top. There are two stops on the bottom corners of the comb. There are two little holders on the sides that secure the blade on top. At the top of the head is a spring loaded "clamp" that pushes the blade forward securing it for the shave.

Update: April 16

Here is my setup for my first shave with the Gem Lather Catcher, I face lathered the Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Soap with my new B-400 brush with Cashmere synthetic knot. I did two passes. On each pass, I did not rinse the razor until the pass was complete. It was neat to see the lather caught inside the "lather catcher." I could have stopped after the first pass; it did such an efficient job. However, I lathered again and did a second pass to clean up mostly the neck area. It was an excellent shave.

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