Friday, April 29, 2016

My Brush-making Workshop

I have no formal workshop, so I have put all my main hand tools in a green basket and put in on my lawn chair. I just pick up the whole thing and move it to wherever I will be working. Today, I was working on the back steps. Sometimes, I work on the front steps, and if it is raining, I can set up under the car port.

Below, I have spread out to work on the Jayaruh #64 handle. Today, the handle had already been rounded, so I did not need the table saw. I have my 1/2 inch drill motor fastened to the handrail with a drum sander attached. On the steps you can see my radio which provides some entertainment and my Dremel and orbital sander. There are other small tools in the basket. If I were in the front, I would set the basket on the ground and sit in the chair to do my carving/shaping.

Here is the result of today's labor, the Jayaruh #64.

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