Thursday, March 30, 2017

Vintage Travel Shaving Set

My neighbor brought this vintage travel kit over for me to see. It was made in England in the 1930s I suspect because it has a Made in England NEW ball end razor with with no patent numbers. It had an original NEW GILLETTE BLADE with no date code. It is marked Blank Made in England, Finished in USA.

It is a zippered leather case.

Everything you need on the road. The aftershave bottle is empty, but the toothpaste and soap are unused.

Travel brush and Colgate toothpaste.

1930ish Gillette NEW made in England. The handle is pre-split.

Pure bristle brush, Made in England. It is in very good shape. Never used.

I suspect the soap is also Colgate, but there are no markings on it. Again, never used.

Natural ebony brush, Made in England.

Comb and a polished chrome mirror.

The glass container was empty. It may have come empty.

Natural Ebony. Made in England.

The razor is a Gillette NEW long comb. It is Made in England.

 No patent numbers on the bottom. So, I suspect this may be 1930.
Lots of green on the cap though never used.

  The inside is pretty clean. The blade, middle, was between
 two cardboard pieces and wrapped in waxed paper.

Here is the blade. 
There is no date code. The blank was made in 
England, but the razor was finished in USA.

 Printed on the top is Blank Made in England and Finished 
in USA. Below the middle hole is stamped the same words. 

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