Monday, March 13, 2017

Easy Dozen Razor Stand

I started this stand a couple of weeks ago when I cut out the four pieces you see in the picture. Since then, they have sat dormant. Today, I got out and set up the drill press and drilled out the holes for twelve Schick razors. Now, the holes are not quite big enough for the Schick I Hydro-Magic, so in the second picture you can see where I have expanded the holes using a drum sander. The holes are "square-rounds." The Schick I Hydro-Magic easily goes in and out of those holes, so any other Schick should easily go in them.

In the picture below holes have been expanded and the wood has been sanded. I will wait for another day to finish this up because the weather is not cooperating. It is getting cold and starting to rain.

March 16 Update

It was a beautiful day today but it started out cold. About 2:30 PM it got above 40, so I got out the machines and worked on the stand.

All parts cut out

Parts dry fitted

Parts ready to go inside

Dry fitted inside
March 18 Update:

Today, I glued the parts together. Here it is with some razors in it.

March 31, 2017

After two coats of Polycrylic.

Update: April 5, 2017

The Easy Dozen Stand has arrived at its new home in Alabama.

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