Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Two More Cholula Brushes

I received two badger and one boar knot from a  fellow shaver on TSD. Today, I took the badger knots and made two Cholula brush handles for them. I bought a drawer knob at Home Depot for $.98 to incorporate into one of my Cholula brush handles.

I drilled a hole in the center of the Cholula lid so I could attach it to the knob.

Here is the dry fitting of the knob, cap, and knot.

A second lid I had already fitted to one of the badger knots. I did a clear natural finish on it.

On the first lid, I stained it with ebony stain and attached it to the knob. I then put a polyurethane finish on it. After everything had dried, I set the knots in the handles with epoxy. In the picture below are (left to right) a badger Cholula I completed on February 4, a horse hair Cholula brush that I completed back on February 18, and today's new brushes: the ebony Cholula and the Natural Cholula.

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