Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jayaruh #100: First Lather

For the first lather with my Jayaruh #100 brush with two-band badger knot, I used Razorock Classic Artisan Shaving Soap. I did not soak the brush; I merely wet it, shook it off, and did a light squeeze. I loaded the brush for about 25 seconds and began to make lather in my big green glass bowl. The handle has a great feel to it. It worked great for lathering in a bowl. I am very happy with the way it created the lather. I got lots of lather: enough for several passes.

I will be putting the #100 into action starting SEptember 1. I will go back to face lathering though. It is my preferred method. I will be using The Shave Den's Iced Lime shaving soap stick.

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