Friday, July 7, 2017

Frederick Reynolds 5/8

I am acquiring this Frederick Reynolds 5/8 "Rattler" from a fellow TSDer. He wrote the following about it: 
The Freddie R is a rattler-style (longish, swooping blade, thicker grind with a heavy spine). Normally, in grinding a razor similar to grinding a knife, the blade is held horizontally to the vertical grinding wheel. For rattler grinds, the razor was held vertically to the grinding wheel. It was an early method towards hollowing out the blade (making them lighter but still rigid. See Rattler profile (3rd from right) in this image:
Google ChromeScreenSnapz005.jpg 

So how does it feel? Much like a wedge. Not nearly as noisy as hollow-grinds, but very efficient.
This FR has a 5/8" wide blade but actually feels smaller due to the design. VERY easy to use.
This razor took a very smooth, keen edge from toe to heel. The toe is slightly rounded with a barber's notch (common on these style of blades) and the heel is also rounded.
VERY little risk of injury from catching a sharp square point with this razor. The blade has a slight smile (typical) which has no impact on the ease of use.

I found this rattler to be one of the easiest, fastest razors to navigate about the face. 
Orignal faux tortoise shell scales, lead wedge, brass hardware and an unstamped emblem plate on one side of the scales. Pins are tight. 
Honed: Chosera Pro 1k bevel set; Naniwa progression 3k > 12K; finished on a vintage Escher waterstone. Lapped on linen & leather. Smmmmooooooth shaver.

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