Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gillette DE Month

For the month of December, I am using only my Gillette DE razors. Here they are:

During Week 1, I am using these:  Left to right: Single Ring, made in England Goodwill, made in England NEW, USA NEW, Old Type with Maggard SS fat handle, Sheraton, Fat-Handle Tech.

For Week 2: Left to right in chronological order: 46-47 Aristocrat, 46-47 Superspeed, Black Tip SS W4, President Y1, Superspeed Y1, Blue Tip SS B3, and Red Tip SS D4.

For Week 3: From left to right: English Rocket Aristocrat Jr., Superspeed Flare Tip E3, 195 Fatboy F2, Slim H1, Slim H2, Travel Tech H2, Travel Tech J4.

Week 4 will feature these: Left to right: Black Handle SS N3, Black Beauty O4, Travel Tech T3.

That makes 24 razors. I will finish off the month by featuring my seven favorite Gillette DE razors. To be announced.

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