Saturday, November 19, 2016

Reknot for Jayaruh #61

My JR#61 had a Maggard synthetic knot in it. I decided to pull it and use it in another handle I just made. Today, the Omega Pro 48 arrived, and I harvested it to go in the #61. It makes the 400 type brush more authentic, if a wooden 400 can be authentic.

This brush is a monster boar brush. I used a technique for harvesting the knot that I learned from a gentleman on TSD. 

First, I drilled a hole in the bottom of the handle.

Next, I put a screwdriver down the hole and smacked it with a hammer, and the knot just pops out.

I put the knot in a vice and used a hack saw to saw through the sheath. I turned it 180 degrees and did an identical cut.

With a screwdriver, I pried the sheath apart loosening the knot.

I used a Dremel to clean up the plug and size it for the handle.

I had to widen the hole a bit on the handle to accept the knot. After a successful dry fitting, I secured the knot with silicone.

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