Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Eight Jayaruh Handles

These are the eight handles I have made to date. Numbers 1 through 8, left to right.

Number 7 is being prepped to receive a Silver Tip Badger knot, and it will go to fellow shaver David in Florida. The first four were made from the wood of a wild cherry tree that we took down in our back yard. Five through eight are all from pine, chosen for their grain. Number eight is patterned off of the Rubberset 400 brush handle.

Handle 1 has a silver tip badger knot, 2 has a Pur-Tech synthetic knot, 3 is pure badger, 4 is High Mountain Badger, and 8 is pure badger. David is sending me another High Mountain Badger that will go in #6.

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