Monday, April 27, 2015

New Brush: Jayaruh #8

I started this new brush today. It is based on the Rubberset 400. That brush handle is aluminum, but this one is of course wood. I cut blanks out. I used the router to route out the center of one of the blanks. I then routed out the six flats on the handle side. I drew a circle on the top as a guide for shaping.

 Next, I used the orbital sander to round off the corners and begin shaping the flutes on the handle.

 I drew a circle on the bottom and tapered the flutes to the edge of the circle.

 Here is the basic shape next to one of the blanks.

I used my knife and whittled down the head to make a flange on the handle. Here it is with an o-ring on the handle.

I am going to shorten the top by about a quarter of an inch. So ends my progress on day one. I will put the hole in the top after I shorten it. More sanding to come.

Epoxied in pure badger knot.
Branded JR8

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