Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Shaving Rotation

I have five razors in my rotation at this time. Today, I used my Gem Junior 1912; tomorrow, I will be using my Parker 60R DE; next, I will use my Schick model E; then is my Gillette Aristocrat DE; and last in my rotation is my Edwin Jagger DE89BL.  So, for now I have two single edge razors and three double edge razors.
Gem Junior
Schick Model E
Gillette Aristocrat DE
Parker 60R
Edwin Jagger DE89BL

When I travel, I take along my mini Gillette Tech.

I have four soaps that I use in random order. They are: Col Ichabod Conk's Shaving Soap, Van Der Hagen Soap, Proraso, and Musco Real Shave Cream. I make my shave cream with a Tweezerman badger brush. Sometimes, I lather in a bowl. Sometimes, I lather in my hand. And, sometimes I face lather. Mostly I hand and face lather.

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