Monday, June 12, 2017

J. R. Torry 4/8 Razor

I got this J. R. Torry 4/8 straight in a trade. The scales were terrible, and the blade had some rust on it and a bit of a smile.

I also got these scales that were busted at the pivot hole. I thought I could modify these and replace the terrible scales on the J.R. Torry.

I removed the pivot pin and separated the old scales from the blade.

The name is well worn.
J.R.Torrey Razor Co.
Worcester, Mass

I reshaped the bad end of the new scales and drilled a new pivot hole. 

I successfully pinned the scales to the blade.

The blade is almost in the center: close enough.

All done with the scales. Now I need to do some cleaning on the blade and then eventually set the bevel and hone an edge on it. I am looking into getting some lapping film to do that. I am not in a hurry. This is a project.

Update: June 4, 2018

It turns out that this blade was not salvageable. I sent it off for evaluation and possible honing. Not a big loss though. It really did not cost me much. I enjoyed doing the scales. That was fun.

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