Friday, October 28, 2016

Treasures from the Flea Market

I found these three razors at the flea market today: Trac II, Atra, and Slim.

The Trac II handle is probably not a Gillette handle, but it accepts the Trac II cartridges. The handle is a nice wood, maybe walnut. I shaved with the Trac II for a number of years before Gillette introduced the Atra.

The Atra accepted a two blade cartridge and pivoted up and down as you shaved. I really liked the Atra, but when the Sensor came out, I moved up to the Sensor. This Atra is an X4 which means that it was made the fourth quarter of 1977. It was also the first year the Atra was made and the year and quarter that our son Tim was born. It is a very special handle indeed.

Next is the Gillette Slim. It is a H2. It was made the second quarter of 1962. 

It cleaned up pretty good.

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