Monday, October 24, 2016

Jayaruh #122

Number 122 is made from oak. I turned the blank on the lathe, but I messed up and took some chunks out of the "collar." You can see it in the picture below. This was going to be the #121, but because of the chunks, I started over and made a new #121. Today, I thought I would see if I could redeem this brush handle. Using my Dremel, I got rid of the chunks and did a bit more shaping. Then I marked it out and began making the flutes.

I thinned out the neck, marked off where the flutes would go, and began to shape it.

I decided that I would put a dime in the bottom of the handle, so I marked it off and routed out the space for the dime.

 I made the knot hole the old fashion way by marking off the hole and drilling it out with a 5/16 drill. Then I connected the holes and smoothed everything out with my Dremel.  It will take a 24mm knot.

After hand sanding it very smooth, I sealed it with a golden pecan stain/sealer.

I am letting it set for a day before I apply the finish to it.

Omega Professional boar knot is harvested for the #122.

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  1. Beautiful job.In my humble opinion, it looks better made out of wood than any type of metal.! :-)