Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jayaruh #30RS Begins

I received this great Rubberset handle today from Clint on The Shave Den. He was restoring a handle and had a fatal mishap with the collar rendering the handle useless. However, another member suggested that he pif the handle part to me so that I can make it into a hybrid brush. Clint graciously piffed the handle to me. He took the time to polish it beautifully before sending it off. I have been working on it in my head ever since he told me of his intent to pif. I will post progress on this post until it is complete.

Rubberset 400 handle arrives: November 4.

I am using walnut for the brush collar. I first cut a cube approximately 1.3 inches on each side.

Cube cut from walnut stock.

Circle marked on each side.

Corners cut off to make an octagon.

Corners rounded off to the line.

Updated: November 5

The collar is integrated with the handle.

I made the knot hole 20 mm.

The collar was too tall, so I make the collar shorter and redo the knot hole at 24 mm.

I stain the collar with dark walnut. It is ready for polyurethane.

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