Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Completed My "Hefty" PIF Today

I decided to have a PIF (pay it forward) give away on The Shave Den to honor my Dad's 100th birthday, April 1. For the give-away, I chose Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soap, a pack of 5 Shark Super Chrome blades, and a Parker 94R "Hefty" three piece DE razor. 

I had 56 shavers sign up for the PIF. It ended at 9PM on March 31. At that time, I put the 56 entrants in a table and printed it out.

Then I cut out all the cells.

I folded each name and put them all in my Vietnam Veteran baseball cap. I shook it up and down and all about, and then set it aside for the drawing on April 1.

Tuesday morning, I had my lovely assistant (wife) draw the winner from the cap. I notified the winner by personal message, and he replied with an address.

I packed it all up and took it to the post office and shipped it off. I got a tracking number and sent it to the winner so he can track its movements. It was fun running this PIF. The winner said that he had two modern razors and looked forward to trying this one out. 

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