Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shave of the Day - 2/6

Dove Men's Face Wash
Williams Mug Shaving Soap
Parker Pure Badger
RiMei Three Piece
Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless (3)
Thayers Cucumber Witch Hazel
Aqua Velva Ice Blue

It was a pretty good shave today. The Williams face lathered well with the Parker pure badger. The RiMei three piece with the Gillette 7OC blade did the job in two passes and some touch ups. The RiMei is a very mild razor. It is almost impossible to cut or nick yourself, so it took a little more effort to get a pretty good shave as opposed to an excellent shave. After a cold water rinse, I finished off with Thayers Cucumber WH and Aqua Velva Ice Blue AS. Feeling good and refreshed. I'll probably save the RiMei for travel.

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