Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Box 18 for Ten Straights

I started this box back on October16. I got it cut out and glued the top and bottom on that day. It is designed to have ten straights. 

After the glue set, I chamfered the edges and reinforced the corners with birch  inserts.

The box set idle for over a month because I cut off the end of my right pointer finger, and it took a month to heal. Then I took a fall and jammed my two wrists. I had to wear splints for a couple of weeks. Well, yesterday, I started making the partitions for the inside. In the first picture, I have them dry fit.

Today, I installed the continuous hinge on the back of the box.

The next picture shows the box with the dividers again. I had put the first coat of polycrylic on the outside of the box. 

Update: December 22, 2018

In the next pictures, I have installed the chamois leather in the bottom and in the lid. Then after sealing the dividers, I installed them in the bottom.

In the next picture, I have put ten of my razors in the box.

Here it is closed. I have not put a clasp on the box, yet. I have to check with the owner to see which one he wants.

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