Monday, January 2, 2017

Enders Speed Razor

Today, I had my first shave with my new Enders Speed Razor and an Enders Speed Blade. It was a very fine shave indeed.

It is a very interesting razor. I would be interested in any others who have used it to comment on their experience. I have seen them on eBay, but it was my friend Mike that got me interested enough to get one and some blades. I am a sucker for vintage razors. Although the blades are no longer available, I was able to get a pack of four.

The razor is light and feels comfortable in the hand. The angle of the head is just right. I found that it does well under the nose and everywhere else. I had no nicks, cuts, or irritation with this razor. I found that the best angle is to put the head almost flat on the face. I did a two pass shave, and I would give it High marks. It was excellent. I will be using it again on Thursday, but it will get a full week later this month.

Lather and cut whiskers collected on underside.

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