Monday, June 15, 2015

The Two Semogues

Now I have two Semogue boar brushes: the 1305 and the 1800. I got the 1305 in June of 2013 and have used it for more than 170 shaves. I find it to be a great performer. The 1800 was a gift in a recent PIF.  They appear to have the same handle shape. The 1305 is painted with a nice green and ivory color while the 1800 has a natural oak wood finish. The 1305 seems to be more dense. I have only had one shave with the 1800, but I will be alternating it with a new Omega 11137 (received in the same PIF) over the next month or so.  I am looking forward to a very boaring month getting to know the new brushes.

Semogue 1305 and Semogue 1800

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