Updated: July 10, 2017

I finally got the last razor on my want list. It is a 1911 Gillette Single Ring. I won it on eBay.
It was an auction by Jorvaljr on TSD.

Razors I wanted and got.

Gillette Super-84 U4
Got it on eBay 4/24/17

 British Gillette Goodwill
Got in a trade for Jayaruh #58.  (4/6/2016)

Gillette Blue Tip B3
Got it in a trade for Pal Adjustable (3/10/2016)

Gillette Rocket (2/1/16)
#51 Aristocrat Jr. made in England.

Replaced Black Tip: December 26, 2015 with another W4.

Gillette Red Tip: got it May 26,2015

Gillette Super Adjustable, aka Black Beauty
Got it 8/6/15

Pal Adjustable
Got it: 11/7/15
Traded for Blue Tip SS: 3/10/16 
Schick Repeating Razor Type C
Got this in a trade for JR#8 on December 4.

7/10/17 I got the Osage Rub finally. Cool...
Clubman Jeris Osage Rub, 14 Fluid Ounce

Soaps and Creams I would like to try...

7/8/17 I finally got my tub of De Vergulde Hand. It is a nice soap.

De Vergulde Hand Shaving Soap Extra Fresh Scent
De Vergulde Hand means Gilded Hand.  One of the oldest and finest shaving soaps in the world, it wouldn't still be around if it wasn't as good as gold.  It has a classic soap scent, subtle and clean.

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